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1. Optimism
Flexibility with obstacle management
Enjoys small things
5. Desire to improve others lives, your town, or the world
6. Focus on the present
7. Strong support system
8. Values non-material things over material things
9. Self-Worth
10. Has purposes and goals

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The 10 Ingredients of


                Buddha says: “Our life is the creation of our mind.”

The good news is that happiness doesn't come from making the world do what you want; it comes from within.  Thus, it is within our power to be happy.  Here are the ten important ingredients contributing to happiness. 

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​Are You Struggling To Be Happy?

We can show you how to utilize The 10 Ingredients of Happiness to be...

- Happy in life
- Happy at work
- Happy when you're alone
- Happy in your marriage and relationships

- Happy with yourself