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The Rhyme

Yesterday’s old was housecoats and hose.
Now it’s measure by touching your toes.
Grandmas cooked dinners, each had dish,
Pasta, Tahini or Gefilte fish.

Grandpa's job was to make sure you weren’t a menace.
It would have been funny if he played pickle ball or tennis.
Going to a watering hole
Was far more likely than a search for his soul
Diapers were not on his list of chores
But he would gladly go to the grocery stores
Today when we give up our life-long careers,
What’s ahead of us is almost the same number of years.
To sit on a couch watching TV
Is a ridiculous thought, I’m sure you’ll agree.
So now is the time to understand what’s to come
You don’t have to worried or be in anyway bummed
It’s normal and there are ways to evade
There’s little about aging that should make you afraid.

I'm Not My Grandma

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