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Is the glass ½ full or ½ empty is the litmus text for optimism, but what exactly does that mean?  Actually it means quite a few things.  If you’re a person who automatically thinks failure is more likely than success, you’re actually are reducing your chances for success. While thinking that way is extreme, it is important to ascertain your tendency to be or not to be optimistic.  Take our assessment test to determine the degree with which you look at the world through optimistic eyes.

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Optimism #1 Ingredient for Happiness

Assessment Test

Select a number to score each statement below:
5-all the time
4-most of the time
3-about half the time
2-very few times

_____ 1.  I can find the good in even the most disagreeable people.  
_____ 2. I often go with my gut feelings when making important or risky decisions even if it is different than others advice.
_____ 3.  I can find something positive even in difficult situations.
_____ 4.  I don’t shut down even when things are stressful.
_____ 5.  When I'm feeling down, I remind myself to focus on the good things in my life not the bad.
_____ 6.  When I have a challenging situation, I look at it from different perspectives to come up with a solution.
_____ 7.  I refuse to give up no matter how tough things get.
_____ 8.  No matter what life throws at me, I believe I can deal with it.
_____ 9.  If I ever need help, my friends or family will be there for me.
_____ 10.  A great deal of value can be learned from failure.
_____ 11.  I know how to calm myself when life gets too frenzied.
_____ 12. I think that most people choose to do good rather than evil.
_____ 13. I think most people are honest and tend not to question their veracity.
_____ 14. Compared to most, my chances of getting seriously ill or hurt are slim.
_____ 15. I feel lucky often.

_____ TOTAL  (add up all answers for one total number)

Optimism Test Score:

Optimists believes all things end well,
An obstruction is merely a newish doorbell.
An optimist sees opportunity in things tough,
Few things trigger retreat or rebuff.