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We're Smarter Than We Were

Exposure is a factor that enables a decision,
To have the advantage of experience’s vision.
The longer we live, the more we learn
And what stumped us before has not the power to burn

Finding solutions way back in our youth,
Required you to be much more of a sleuth.
You didn’t have the benefit of experiencing reactions,
It was harder to separate real from useless distractions.

You agonize less and don’t take to heart,
Unkind words don’t pierce you like a targeted dart.
Now if you don’t get what you want you’re face is likely to not,
Get red like a lobster being tossed in pot.
The older you get the more you can see,
That every decision is not a lifelong fait accompli.

When your TV is so loud you can’t hear the microwave signal.

When you stop putting the same amount of candles as your age on your birthday cake.

When you catch a reflection of some old person and it takes you a minute before you realize it’s you.

When you become the age you remember your parent was.

......If at least 2 of these are true for you, that clinches it!

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