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4. "Personalized Audio Program"

       Let us create a Personalized Audio Program to fit your needs

Length:  10 minute minimum

When you purchase a "Personalized Audio Program" please share your topic in the section provided when you add the item to your cart.

Blocking Stress CD Shipped - Telomere $4.99 USD

These relaxation audio programs are geared to help with the emotional and physical development stages of aging. It's a scientific fact that positive reinforcement can alter you mentally and physically.

Here's a FREE full-length recording that supports you when bad news has been delivered.  You may have been diagnosed with an illness, informed that you need to undergo challenging treatments, or received unpleasant news, this recording provides ways to see the future optimistically.

Below are recordings to purchase that are geared with specific needs or you can create your own.

Relaxation Audio Programs

Recordings are available by download (they'll be emailed to you upon purchase) or you can choose to have a CD sent to you

2. "Blocking Stress"

       Useful when overwhelmed by any stress in life

Length:  7:57 minutes

3. "Complete Audio Relaxation Set"

       1. What You've Just Been Told

​       2. Relax: Keep Telomeres Long

​       3. Block Stress

Length:  21:08 minutes total

This comes in a CD Format Only


Stay healthy by:  Reducing or Managing

That is the answer!

Create Your Own CD Shipped - Telomere $5.99 USD Relaxation Audio Topic Choice
Relax: Keep Telomeres Long CD Shipped - Telomere $4.99 USD

1. "Relax: Keep Telomeres Long"

       When they shrink you age or get sick

Length:  10:08 minutes

Help slow the aging process and prevent illnesses. on this audio at Telomere, Guardian of DNA

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"What You've Just Been Told..."

How to Handle Bad News

  • What You've Just Been Told5:03

In addition to previously recorded Relaxation Audio Programs, we also offer a "Create Your Own" Relaxation Audio Program personalized to your needs. Let us know what your health, emotional, or physical needs are and we'll have one made specially for you!!  Get yours today!!

Here's a testimonial from a customer who had a Relaxation Program custom-made while they were dealing with a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (a brain bleed):

"After being diagnosed with a Subarachnoid Hemorrhage I knew that the lifestyle I was living needed to change. Stress had taken over my life and I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I realize now how your mind can interfere with the body and through meditation your mind can heal the body. Nancilee provided me a meditation tape that has helped me learn to quiet my mind and to listen to my body. When I feel the anxiety come on I listen to her tape and it has a calming effect. Just letting things go and concentrating on the positive things in my life have helped me cope with stress". - NTB


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