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- Happy in life
- Happy at work
- Happy when you're alone
- Happy in your marriage and relationships

- Happy with yourself

The 10 Ingredients of


                Buddha says: “Our life is the creation of our mind”

The good news is that happiness doesn't come from making the world do what you want; it comes from within.  Thus, it is within our power to be happy.  Here are the ten important ingredients contributing to happiness. 

The "Ingredients of Happiness", created by Nancilee Wydra, are the tools you're looking for!  Not one to accept the status quo, Nancilee Wydra looks at a field from a unique perspective and seeks to improve its accessibility as well as change its impetus to one that is in sync with the here and now.  Read more about her on the About Us page.

Click on each Happiness Ingredient below to get more information and take a FREE assessment test for each one!

These are the 10 Ingredients that are needed to be happy.  Click on the one you care to develop!

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