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Successful Aging?

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Successful Aging

Life is like a dollar bill,

it seems like more when it's change.

Don't die laughing,

Live laughing until you die.

But at this stage this ticket doesn’t fit the bill

In fact it’s quite the opposite; doing nothing makes me weary
In addition to the fact that it makes life awfully dreary

By staring at the ceiling or the news of my TV
Where the only thing I have to do, is get up to go and pee
This fills life with tedium, which brings ones spirits down
And you never feel the need to change out of a dressing gown

This is no way to spend a life, doing nothing can be adverse
In fact, I can think of nothing else to make a good life worse

So get up off your butt and go and do today
Volunteer, get informed or just go out and play.

The secret to feeling happy and fulfilled at any age
Is never abandon partaking in the banquet on life’s stage.

The physical body can give you trouble any time in life.  Age doesn’t mean sickness.  It’s a time of change. We live; we change.

As we get older we seem to talk about the changes we don’t like.  Part of the reason for that is that we have fewer things we have to do. Aging is a stage where most of us do whatever we want.  We have few shoulds.  So our job is to plan our lives around doings things for funfillment, then we will have less time to talk about what we don’t like.

Thus the 1st rule of aging is find things you enjoy to do and do, do, do.

This calls for a rhyme.....