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My kitchen counter top is a battle field and I'm the enemy.  Do these pills really keep me from disintegrating or am I merely lining the pockets of big Pharma?

Why bother to not eat sweets when a tiny pill will keep my sugar low?  Lather bread with lard so long as you gobble down a statin.  It's funny that I usually fall asleep in front of the TV or can hardly keep my eyes open when bored, but lay me down, put a pillow under my head, and cover me with a blanket and I'm  wide awake.

As things go down the drain or our DNA catches up to us, we have the delightful option of downing drugs?  Remember when drugs were recreational?

Pills can override genetics, will power, and germs.  How come there isn't one to persuade my children that I'm not a sorry, out-of-date creature.

for nerves & brain function

The Rhyme

Lined up like soldiers before a battle’s brink,
Just like they’re lined up near my kitchen sink.
To keep me from disintegrating is their battle cry

To stretch out the time when I'm feeling spry.

There's one to help me get sufficient amount of sleep

These sleep pills work faster than counting leaping sheep.

A white pill curbs appetite;  it reads “Take one before each meal”,
But I think its promise is like snake oil, and is totally unreal.
Even if I remember to take it, I still scoop up all the grub,
I’m proud to be a life member of a world-class clean plate club.

How can I remember which one to take and when,
And not inadvertently take the same one over again.
A pill container with distinctions of morning, noon, and night,
Helps a bit to guide me to eliminate this plight.
Taking pills as directed is not as easy as it sounds,
But missing one any day will not put you underground.

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to Sleep


to wake up

Did you know:

More than 1/3 of all prescriptions drugs used in the USA are used by seniors.

Even mobile older people fill between 9 and 13 prescriptions a year!

Even so, American’s live about 2 years shorter than their European equivalents.

It's not always sickness that gets us, older Americans die from drug poisoning, gun shot injuries, and car accidents more often than other causes.

The Conversation

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