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#9 Ingredient of Happiness

Self-Worth Test Score:

Don’t let yourself be judged by others paradigm
They think they know all but far more oftentimes
They don’t know the whole picture of who you truly are
So pat yourself on your back, you are a shining star.

FREE Test Results:

Submit this form and you will be given the overall category you are in and what it means in terms of your ability to be happy.  Many have told us that they feel this is sufficient to begin advancing their score.

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” – Mark Twain.

Take this assessment test to see if your quotient of self-worth which in turn will boost happiness.

Assessment Test

  Select a number to score each test question:

5-all the time
4-most of the time
3-about half the time
2-very few times

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"Self-Worth" Test Result:

It includes the above, but also specific ways to increase your self-worth quotient.

You will be given specific suggestions that augment your desire to improve your self-worth quotient,

and it is remarkable how this will increase the likelihood of being happy.


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The In-Depth Analysis will be emailed to you along with the opportunity to email us back

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____ 1. In high school did you have to be an “A” student to feel smart?
____ 2. Do you get flustered when someone praises you?
____ 3. Did you grow up in a household where most members had a talent in areas that you didn’t?
____ 4. You would take a job that offers the biggest salary over one that you liked better?
____ 5. Do you tend to buy cars that are associated with luxury over fuel efficiency?
____ 6. Do you buy name brand clothing as much as possible?
____ 7. Do you like to wear expensive jewelry?
____ 8. When voicing your opinion you often feel that your opinion will not be considered?
____ 9. When in a group that is deciding an issue, you might keep your opinion to yourself?
____ 10. You would change more than 3 things about yourself if you could?

____  TOTAL

The dictionary defines self-worth as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.”  Knowing your strengths as well as your limitations is one component of self-worth.  In fact, knowing areas that you don’t feel comfortable in is as important as knowing the ones you do.  What many of us do is to give our weakest category too much importance thus let that area dominate how we feel about ourselves.