The Conversation

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but if you

can think it, so can someone else.  Yup, we're not as unique as we might sometimes like to think. If you think it so did someone else, I guarantee it.

Or if someone didn't articulate it, they will find solace in reading your version of their inner thoughts.   We are all, after all, made from the same cloth.  We're humans and our basic modus operadus springs forth from a similar source. So if I experience it, so might you.  That's what motivated me to create

A chance to share the processes of living and being at this time of life, the bonus years.

I can’t make this stuff up all by myself

I need some help from you
Yes, you out there who’s sitting down
Barefoot with no shoe

You’ve lived maybe not as long as I
But I’m sure in many ways you’ve tried
To fill each day with distractions
That bring you loads of satisfactions

Now it’s my turn to acquire
The inner workings of your desire
So write it down and send it to me
By doing so you’ll set another free

How could I ask you to write about yourself without revealing something personal about me?

I’d rather rhyme when writing one,
I’ll write thousands more before I’m done.
It gets me out of gifts to buy,
If I said I like to shop, it would be a lie.
My handout when events call for a gift,
Is to describe your life in short shrift.
So don’t invite me anywhere,
If you won’t be able this to bear.
For all you’ll get from me is a note,
With smart-aleck words that I wrote.

The Facts

Until you put one foot in the water, you will never learn to swim.  How does one make the ephemeral into a reality?  By doing that’s how.

Forging a reality where none has existed is as simple as putting a toe into the water.  I remember wanting to write a book and someone suggested I read Ann LaMott’s book Bird By Bird.  It was exactly what I needed to read.  To cull down the 274 pages to one simple piece of advice is to tell you just to sit down and do it.

How can we know your voice if you don’t send it to us.  I don’t care if you talk into a microphone, write it down or draw a picture, so long as I can understand what is on your mind.

Your Voice

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