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Unusual Creative Ways to Stay Healthy!

1. Watch more daytime TV.
It will reduce your chances of skin cancer by 50%.

2. Drink a glass of red wine daily.
Researchers found that a glass of red wine can lower your chances of getting into an argument with family members.

3.  Even if you were asked to mouth words in your all-high school-choir, sing.
Singing is an aerobic activity that boosts circulation, improves mental process and aids the lymphatic system, but keep the windows closed unless you have neighbors you wish would move.

4.  Say hello to everyone.
The friendlier you are the more likely it is you’ll live a longer, healthier life.  Saying hello doesn't have to be followed by a name that you can't remember anyway.

5.  Wear a miner’s hat at night when you are doing something .
You'll be less likely to fall if you see where you are going.

6.  The next time you buy a car, buy a yellow one.
Yellow is the color the eye sees first thus, you'll be in fewer accidents because you'll be noticed when doing something stupid on the road.

7.  Buy a three-wheeled bike.

You'll be less likely to fall.

8. Do something briskly each day.

If you look up brisk on Google, you will learn it's associated with walking more times than not.  If it's too hot or cold to walk  outside try walking around the sofa when watching TV or apply to another daily activity.

9. Laugh.

If no one's around who's funny, just go to Walmart.

10.  Hang out with people who like you!

Now really who in their right mind wants to spend time with

people who don't enjoy being with you.