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The Science

There really is no such thing as an alternative remedy. What is thought of as a remedy decades past may be thought of as alternative today.  As science has widen its reach from plant based to chemical based  to gene based,  the embrace of remedies has altered.

Putting aloe to soothe a burn or vinegar to disinfect can work on some applications, but not all.  Vinegar can be used as a safer bleach alternative for some applications, like cleaning. It is also biodegradable. However, vinegar is not a registered disinfectant and does not kill dangerous bacteria like staphylococcus.

The comfort of options when deciding on which to use is one way to begin one’s search for the right answer for you at this particular time.  I only caution you to be suspicious of cures that use superlatives like miracle, secret, proven, or absolute.  Be wary of testimonials that seem like hypes or guarantees.  All sorts of remedies can work for some people sometimes.  You are the best judge to determine which you are comfortable with.  Choose one that makes sense, that has  worked on you or others in the past, or is dispensed from a trusted source.

The Conversation

When my son was born, out of seemingly nowhere I develop rheumatoid arthritis.  The medical remedy at that time was a steroid.  After I read about the possible long term affects of steroids, I looked for alternatives.  My Aunt Betty serendipitously had just sent me a get well present which was a book written by a Chinese doctor who had cured his rheumatoid arthritis by changing his diet by eliminating tannins, meats, all non-plant based additives, sugar and bleached flour and grains.  Worth a try I thought and did so.

In four months the symptoms of pain, and swollen joints disappeared.  For me this alternative remedy worked.  Since that time 46 years ago, I have been careful when accepting traditional medical applications.  While I do accept pills and medicines, I will try an alternative if I feel it makes sense for me to give it a try.  

There is no one way.  Just remember that only you are inside your mind and body.  Listen to what you say to youself.


Is it or is it not?

Is that a question?

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The Rhyme

Which way to choose is quite perplexing,
Selecting is not simple; it can be quite vexing.
Someone suggested that this is the way,
Another implied that it would be the road to decay.
My friend cured her arthritis by not eating meat,
Another soothed phlebitis by applying wet heat.

When healthy, the choices seem far more ample,
Like is meat or fish a better protein for example.
Will staying in bed help me heal much faster?
Or would going back to work too soon be a disaster?
Abundant choices make it harder for me,
Especially since I’m not any particular devotee.
But like to keep my mind open to all choices,
Which means I must listen to a clamor of voices.

Ultimately, it’s me who decides,
After considering all of these alternative guides.
I am the one in my body; I own every cell.
I am the first to know when I finally feel well.