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Buddha says, “Our life is the creation of our mind”

What is a Happiness Consultation?  Click here to read about the "10 Ingredients of Happiness".

There are some tendencies we inherit and some propensities we develop.  Knowing the factors that comprise happiness are the stepping-stones to augmenting one’s level of happiness. Nancilee Wydra will work with you to assess how developed the "10 Ingredients of Happiness" are in your persona.  Your personalized consultation will be geared toward improving those areas deficient or detrimental toward augmenting happiness.

Who is Nancilee Wydra?
Nancilee Wydra has done a host of things in her life, but within all these different areas is an underlying theme.  Not one to accept the status quo, she looks at a field from a unique perspective and seeks to improve its accessibility as well as change its impetus to one that is in sync with the here and now.  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter at “Laughing All The Way” and  You can read more about Nancilee Wydra on our
About Us page.

What will happen during your Personalized Happiness Consultation?

  1. Once you sign up you will be emailed the 10 Assessment Tests (covering the 10 Ingredients of Happiness).  You then complete the assessments and return them via email directly to Nancilee Wydra.
  2. After Nancilee Wydra evaluates your results, she will set up via Skype or Phone Call, a session to go over the results for each Ingredient of Happiness.  You will then be sent specific tools for you to use to raise your levels in any area found to be lacking.
  3. After you've taken some time to implement these tools another Skype or Phone Call Consultation will be set up to fine tune your tools and make any tweaks necessary. Per your consultation, you be be told which assessments to retake in the areas that are lacking to ascertain your progress.
  4. A final Skype or Phone meeting will be set up to discuss your final progress and how to go forward with maintaining happiness.

How long does this take and what is included?

  1. The timeline is yours to make, although we suggest at least one month between getting your tools and completing the final step in the program (between Steps 2 and 3 above). 
  2. ​A total of 180 minutes (3 hours) of Skype or phone conversations is included.  This time can be divided up as needed for each session. This time is adequate to gain all the knowledge you'll need in your Personalized Happiness Consultation, but if you desire more Skype or phone time it can be arranged.

We are offering all of this for a limited time at our Special Introductory Price of $150

Going forward our rate for this service will be $300

Personalized Happiness Consultation

Limited Time Introductory Rate of $150

Or feel free to contact our office at or 847-370-7741

to set up other payment arrangements or with any questions you have about the program!

​​Personalized Happiness Consultation
With Nancilee Wydra

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