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Exposure is factor that enables a decision,
To have the advantage of experience’s vision.
The longer we live, the more we learn
And what stumped us before has no power to burn

Without the benefit of understanding reactions,
It’s hard to separate real from useless distractions.
 You agonize less and don’t take to heart;
Unkind words don’t pierce like a dart.
If you don’t get what you want you’re likely to not,
Feel like a lobster being tossed in pot.
The older you get the more you can see,
That every decision is not a fait accompli.

The Conversation

Thank goodness for yesterday! All the yesterday's supply us with material that helps us function now.  Imagine having to learn everything anew each day.  My day would begin with looking at a coffee cup and wondering what to put in it.  Or would it be seeing those black furry things by my beside and wondering why they were the same size as my feet.

Imagine if knowledge was like food and you had to ingest it every day to benefit from it.  I for one am enamored with memory, that storage part of the brain that retains information.  

​We're Smarter Than We Were

The Facts

 Everything we do has been prepared by the past or is fodder to help us function in the future.  It’s hard to live without accumulating knowledge.  Living would be negatively altered without the benefit of experience.  Our brains are constructed to benefit from the past.

Ever trip over a tree root and never forget where that root sticks out of the earth?  Experience makes the best teacher, that’s if we survive it.

Remember learning to ride a bike?  You got the hang of riding on two wheels, when a parent was probably pushing you along a sidewalk or roadway.  But, you didn’t need to be pushed for long.   Once you got the hang of it, you didn't need to relearn it.

There were literally thousands of things you learned in that way. It is our good fortune that once learned most things are retained.

Since we begin learning new things from the get go and have reached the age we have, think of all the things we’ve accumulated over those years.  Even though I would never put on a pair of roller skates again, when I see a child skating, my body still sways and balances as if I were on those gliders.

Most of what we learn is retained for most of our lives.  We have so much to offer those still in the process of collecting life’s powers.