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The Rhyme

Travel makes the heart grow fonder
You think out of the box when you wander
Away from routine tendencies
Breaking habits from dependencies

All over the world, you’re virtually disguised
Whoever looks at you is surprised
The language heard is perplexing
And finding places is often vexing

You’ve never seen this before
It might be hated or adored
Whichever way you feel it can
Broaden your horizon and expand
Your knowledge of cultures different from yours
Outside or when sequestered indoors

Dishes served will be unique
Like the alphabet that’s used for Greek
Mostly everything will seem exotic
It can also make you feel neurotic
But put aside those lingering queries
Life is but an expanded series
If your needle gets stuck in one groove
You’ll have less fodder to improve

To your friends, you will impart 
Stories of sumptuous food and art.

Travel Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

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