The Conversation

How many of us can remember trying to imagine what old age was?  It was impossible, right?  Well now we’re here and it’s hard to remember what it felt like to be a child.  I guess we are “here and now” people.

Does bonus mean, extra not needed, more than one deserves or a time in life when there are fewer requirements than previously?  No bonus means getting more than expected, and since we couldn't imagine being at this time of life, we are truly in our bonus years.  The trick is to enjoy them!

The Bonus Years

The Facts

The average life expectancy for a male child born in the UK between 1276 and 1300 was 31.3 years. Aren't we glad we didn't live then?  If you are born in Japan today you can expect to live to 83 years old.  Health care, food, and less danger are the reasons for longer lives.

But only in a country that cares for it's seniors, can you call these the bonus years because they imply a time to kick back and enjoy.  In most of history, the second part of life did not have this advantage.  We do, so let's enjoy.

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The Bonus Years

We’ve reached a time of life let’s call the bonus years,
Long-standing expectations have finally disappeared.
There’s comfort in knowing that what we experience is shared,
And the strain of standing out in a crowd are we finally spared.

Financial expectations have dwindled or have simply gone.
The race we were in is over, no more marathons.

Rearing children or raising any Cain,
Are long in the past and so is the pain.
No agenda to deliver or goals struggling to attain,
Toss off all those expectations that have been a ball and chain.
Free to do what you want without hoping for a result,
Revamp the definition of what signifies adult.

Time to dig deep into your potential; become your biggest fan.
Think would it be fun to do; not do I think I can.
Quirks attached with living long are shared with your peers.
Think of them as amusing; know someday they’ll disappear.
But, until that day arrives I for one want to laugh all the way!

Tossing out all downers and keeping life upbeat and gay.