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Where Did I Leave My Keys?

The Rhyme

I was about to dash off to buy some eggs,
When a thought stopped the pedaling of my legs.
I could go outside and get into the car,
But without my keys I wouldn’t get far.

Where’d I leave my keys rumbled though my head?
When I came home last night did take them up to bed?
Or did I drop them on the table next to the front door,
Or into the bathroom sink or worse on the floor?

Neither place solved the mystery, where else could they be?
Did I leave them in the kitchen while I was making tea?
Or after locking the car did I pocket them into my jeans,
And pitch them with the dirty clothes into my washing machine?

I came up empty-handed, and was about to meltdown,
Cause there was no way in hell I would walk to town.
Then suddenly a thought flashed across my mind.
Oh, for gods sakes could I be that blind?
I knew with little hesitation or without an ounce of doubt,
That if I walked to my car, they’d be there sticking out.