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Being content means you don’t suffer from lack,
You neither focus on tomorrow, nor do you look back.
Like a stocked cupboard you have all you need.
You don’t pine for the past or for the future don’t plead.

Contentment #2 Ingredient for Happiness

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Life is smooth sailing when you are content!

"Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.  When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you."  ― Lao Tzu

Take our assessment test to determine the degree with which you have Contentment.

Assessment Test

Select a number to score each statement below:
5-all the time
4-most of the time
3-about half the time
2-very few times

_____ 1.  You don’t reflect about past-unfilled goals often, in fact only when they will be germane to a current decision? 
_____ 2.  Do you not envy others?
_____ 3.  Do have enough resources to fulfill your goals?
_____ 4.  When a goal cannot be achieved can you let go of desiring it or alter it?
_____ 5.  You believe an attitude rather than an experience creates satisfaction.
_____ 6.  It is easy for you to enjoy yourself or have a good time?
_____ 7.  Your contentment is linked to what you can do for others?
_____ 8.  Do you feel as if you are your own genie in a bottle and that what you wish for is possible because of you? 
_____ 9.  When a result doesn’t match your expectations, you have the ability be insightful and figure you why?
_____ 10.  Are your future goals your own personal decision?

_____ TOTAL  (add up all answers for one total number)

We can’t wait to send your results along with ways to increase your contentment quotient.

Contentment is akin to the feeling of being satiated.  While you might be full after a meal, you still plan on eating again.  Contentment does not diminished the desire to fulfill future goals.

Contentment can be viewed through the lens of “enough” that plateau when there is nothing tugging at you that lessens you from being in the moment.  Contentment derives from being the driver of your own fate.

Discontentment tears at the fabric of happiness, but fortunately there are ways to alter feeling unsatisfied.  Take the evaluation test to discover where you are on the scale of contentment.