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The Facts

You’ve worked for the past 40 plus years and now you can retire. Dictionaries define retire with such words a recede, withdraw, retreat or go to sleep.  In addition, retired is an intransitive verb that is characterized by not having or containing a direct object.  So retiring means stepping aside without any future goal in mind.  A big no-no! has decided to use a more upbeat word for ending a major life career and transiting to another.  We prefer reinvent.

The luxury of this stage of life is for many making a living isn’t a major consideration in choosing how one spends time.  Sure, finding a part time job to augment one’s income is a consideration, but working part time gives you hours of freedom to choose how you spend most of your time.

That is a luxury not afforded in mid-life when the constraints of a full time job and raising a family are at the top of most people’s life’s list.

The upside of aging is to find, as I did in creating, ways to be
involved in an activity that is devoid of the practical and engulfed in delight.

The Upside of Aging

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