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The Advantage of Experience

You know more than anyone twenty-one,
A lifetime of know-how cannot be undone.
Youth hasn’t had the luxury of mistakes,
And has yet to acquire much of what it takes.

Those younger are more impulsive,
Plus, so many things seemed more repulsive.
But at our stage of life we know,
Which way the wind is likely to blow.
We see many more solutions,
And aren’t intimidated by institutions.

Life gives us the comfort of many insights,
And far fewer things keep us up at night.

The Advantages of Aging

                         The Facts

One big time advantage of aging is gaining experience. Might be the only advantage, but what the heck!

With a plethora a billionaires vying to inhabit Mars, I am reminded how essential experience is.  I’m sure that once we get to Mars, it will seem like old stuff, or no big deal, but until then, watch out.  

Every action you undertake is recorded somewhere inside your brain and when that knowledge is needed, it can be uploaded to consciousness.  While experience gives you some assurance that you can respond appropriately, there is still no substitute for the thrill of learning something new or experiencing something unique.

To replicate the learning curve just walk into a conversation that is not held in your language. It's frustrating not knowing what's going on, but at the same time can be thrilling if you choose to discover the topic.

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The Conversation

Pit the advantages of experience with the thrill of learning and you have a tie.

Not that you have a choice.  You rely on previous experiences as well as retaining information from the lessons learned living.

When it seems as if there is no more to learn that's when life gets boring.

Proficiency has its reward in allowing you to proceed effortlessly.  Learning requires stamina and occasional setbacks, but it certainly puts boredom on the back burner.  So here's to a mix of the known with the unknown to spice up life!