Take this assessment test to see how if you have the sort of support system that promotes happiness.

Assessment Test

Select a number to score each statement below:
5-all the time
4-most of the time
3-about half the time
2-very few times


____ 1. You stay connected to friends and family members  who aren’t nearby.
____ 2. You have friends from grammar, high school or college.
____ 3. You have maintained 4 friends; you met ½ your life ago.
____ 4. If you have lived elsewhere you have retained friends with whom you’ve friendships with there.
____ 5. Your personal phone book has more than 35 numbers of friends in it.
____ 6. More than ½ of the people who you call friends you are able to confide in.
____ 7. All of your friends know your major family members.
____ 8. You send birthday greetings to people you may not have seen in the past year.

____   TOTAL

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(Strong Support System)

#7 Ingredient of Happiness

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A happy life is one filled with associations.  Connections with others are a vital component throughout life. From the moment we are born, we rely on others to nurture and sustain us.  There are different areas where different kinds of relationships reign: emotional, work or interest, recreational, intellectual, physical.

Isolation from others is used as a severe form of punishment in our prison system. Each relationship area has different levels of sharing; what you share at work is different from those you share emotions with.

"A father's a treasure; a brother's a comfort; a friend is both." 

Ben Franklin (1706-1790)

If ever I need an ear
To divulge what I fear
I’m thankful I have near by
Many shoulders on which to cry

Support Test Score:

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