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Yes, there’s nothing like a new car, couch, or whatever and yes, that thrill is short lived most of the time.  While we are surrounded material things and depend on them to assist us throughout life, they are but a weak second to relationships, knowledge and experience.  An object doesn’t listen to you when you are sad, doesn’t cheer you on when feeling insecure and doesn’t send you flowers on Valentine’s Day.  So it’s really a no-contest that non-material things add more contentment to one’s life than stuff does.

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Submit this form and you will be given the overall category you are in and what it means in terms of your ability to be happy.  Many have told us that they feel this is sufficient to begin advancing their score.

Values Test Score:

You may think that I am being tough
When I tell you that your stuff
Won’t make you smarter, kinder or desired
It’s a lousy way to get admired.

Take this assessment test to see your balance between material and non-material objects as they relate to being happy.

Assessment Test

Select a number to score each statement below:

5-all the time
4-most of the time
3-about half the time
2-very few times

"The most important things in life aren't things" - anonymous

____ 1. When you’re feeling down do you go on-line and buy something?
____ 2. Does shopping brighten your day?
____ 3. When acquiring something new, you can hardly wait to show it off?
____ 4. Do you break up your food shopping so you can go several times a week instead of once?
____ 5. Do you feel irritated when you don’t have a reason to either look on line or go out and look for something to purchase?
____ 6. If you had a choice between going to a crafts show where the merchandise is for sale or art exhibits where you just enjoy looking at the art, would you choose the crafts show?
____ 7. When you have to have something will get it whether it’s new or, second hand?
____ 8. Would you go to an antique show before a concert?
____ 9. Do you save up for things you want that are not necessary?
____ 10. You’ve been invited to be on “Make a Deal” but the date is your mom or dad’s birthday and they expect you to be there as it is a family custom, would pick the game show.

____  TOTAL


(Values Non-Material Over Material)

#8 Ingredient of Happiness