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The Conversation

Text has replaced talking and and is immediate. The younger you are the more likely it is that the location of your mobile phone is you.  Unlike landlines, mobiles are portable.    If you do put your phone down, then establish habitual locations.   I personally have:

  • 1 spot in my bedroom
  • 1 spot in my kitchen
  • 1 spot in my den
  • 1 spot in my office

So at very least I only have to look in these locations to find my moible and I can cancel spending money on a landline.

The Facts

The Problem is We Don't Create a Habit

Growing up the phone was most likely in the same place throughout our childhood and unless we moved it was likely to stay there.   Habits are formed by frequent repetitions. With so many details to remember in our lives, it is imperative we simplify access by creating habitual  practices.

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact, so let's get started!

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Why do I still have a landline?
The reason isn’t because I’m home.
It’s simply to help me find,
My misplaced mobile phone.

Why Do I Still Have a Landline?