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Nancilee Wydra will speak at your event or group function with information from the following topics:

1. Successful Aging

2. Happiness​ (what comprises it and how to assess your level)

If you'd like to information on booking Nancilee Wydra for a lecture, please contact Julie Kroll at 847-370-7741.

  • 12:06

At the Laughing All the Way website launching at the Center for Spiritual Care on February 14, 2018 Nancilee fascinated guests with all the things the site will feature.  It should be a great resource for those of us moving through our '70s and '80s.  Something we've long needed, but didn't know we needed it."  -- Carol Ludwig 

Lecture:  Successful Aging - Feb. 2018-

Center for Spiritual Care, Vero Beach, FL.

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Laughing Through the Bonus Years - Feb. 2018

Regency Independent Care- Vero Beach, FL.

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