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(Desires to Improve Other’s Lives) 

#5 Ingredient for Happiness

While I care for myself I realize indeed,
There are many out there, who truly need,
A helping hand, an idea, or just an ear that will listen.
Too contribute to others is an important life mission.

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Take this assessment test to discover how important improving the lives of others is to you.

Assessment Test

____ 1. I delight in discovering ways to improve a situation and implement the enhancement as quickly as possible.
____ 2. When discovering a friend has a problem, I try to figure out a solution that MIGHT work for them.
____ 3. I follow some team, be it a debate team or a football team.
____ 4. I get a kick out of watching someone learn something new or achieving a goal.
____ 5. When I think back on the lives of my children or close friends, I tend to revisit their accomplishments.
____ 6. When playing a board or sports game, while I like to win, but still get enjoyment having a friend beat me.
____ 7. If I take a walk and see litter, I’ll pick it up.
____ 8. Improving at something is more important than winning.
____ 9. I enjoy watching an underdog team win a game.
____ 10. It is important to me to be able to contribute something that will enhance a group experience.

____ TOTAL

At the epicenter of happiness is feeling your life is valuable.  Think about why people choose to be teachers?  It’s not because it’s the best paying job, but because the satisfaction of being of value to other’s life is highly desirable. The more you contribute to improving the world around you, the more valuable you’ll feel about your life.

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