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Fins To Limbs

They say our ancestors came from water
That they didn’t have hands or feet
But species strive to improve
And developed other ways to move.

Our forefathers climbed out of eggs onto the sand
To discover fins weren’t the greatest movers on the land
Digits were grown which could selectively grasp
And could accomplish far more difficult tasks.
What was thought up to be created by these digits
Allowed us to produce a multitude of widgets

I believe the beginnings of human inventions
Were made possible by these added extensions
I mean how could you plant seeds
With just a flipper sticking out from your knees
How could you build a fire and cook a meal?
How could you build a house or steer a wheel?
How could you fashion a fork or hold a cup?
How could you sew a jacket or zip it up?

So fins while efficient swimmers are less effective
In fact on land they seem defective
So I am very glad our forbearers transformed

Even though water creatures think we’re deformed.