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A best friend sometimes makes you mad,
But most times you’re really glad,
To have this dear, trusted friend,
You wish this friendship would never end.

Occasionally you get angry at what they do,
And you think the two of you are through.
Better to express concern and doubt,
And not fling angry words all about.
It’s okay to say you got my goat.
I felt terrible hurt by your note.

We all do something’s in our life,
That cuts into good feelings like a knife.
Know bad feelings like the seasons.
Changes often for good reasons.

You never feel just one way
Want to feel alone or do you want to play?
Imagine how boring life would be
If we could never turn our emotional key
And stayed only with one feeling
That would be totally unappealing

Feeling fluctuate from ecstatic to very sad
Behavior from obedient to very bad
Some rules you follow and some you toss
Sometimes you follow and sometimes you’re the boss

Life can be expected to change directions like the wind
It might propel you forward yet sometimes you’ll get pinned.